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Private and decentralized cloud storage

Vup on different devices
Screenshot of Vup on a smartphone

What sets Vup apart


Everything is fully private and end-to-end-encrypted, including all metadata. Vup even uses advanced techniques like padding to obfuscate the true size of your files.


Native apps for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and (soon) iOS are available. You can also use any web app supporting SkyFS to access your files, for example Rift Files.


Use any S5 portal you like or even run your own - you can switch portals at any time without losing anything.


You can share any files or directories you want with others, even if they don't have Vup installed. Your files stay end-to-end-encrypted at every step of the process.

Total control

Vup comes with integrated Web and WebDav servers to take full control of your private file system. Use it with tools like rclone to mount it on your local drive, import data from other cloud providers or use restic for efficient backups.

Media Streaming

Vup contains an integrated Jellyfin-compatible server to stream and enjoy all of your music, movies, podcasts and audiobooks directly from the S5 Network.

And there's more


Choose between a dark, light or black theme. Includes full support for system-wide dark mode on all platforms.

Free and open-source

Vup is 100% free and open-source. Development is transparent and new features can be suggested by the community.

Integrated sync

Sync your directories in all directions, on as many devices as you want. Specify an interval or let Vup watch your directories for changes in real-time.


Vup will be available in all major languages and accept community translations.

Fast and responsive

Because Vup is written in Flutter, it is compiled to native code which results in higher performance and less memory usage compared to Electron-based apps. Your data is stored on the S5 Network, one of the fastest and most responsive decentralized storage networks.


Powerful ways to automate your storage, excellent integration with youtube-dl.